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Mountain Home School District in Mountain Home, Idaho, needed to leverage innovative, comprehensive technology to support more effective business practices at the administrative level. Cliff Ogborn, director of fiscal operations, provided insight into challenges the district was facing with its previous financial management software and explained how transitioning to a holistic solution resulted in optimized performance.

"The module having the greatest impact on our operations is payroll,” Ogborn said. The district’s payroll personnel had often spent a day and a half pulling the voids and reissues out of the district’s previous system in an attempt to balance the books. “This difficulty simply does not exist with Skyward,” he said. “Skyward is fast and effective.” 

The district was able to access individual payroll information and history from prior years with a solution optimized to perform key financial functions. “All that information is right there, and we do not have to log out of one year and log into a different year just to see year-to-year rates,” Ogborn said. “Payroll data entry is efficient with Skyward, and we now have the ability to track changes made for each employee online to verify deductions were changed correctly, pay rates are implemented timely and stipends are set to be paid.”


The district streamlined its workflow in additional business practices with the implementation of an advanced technology. The number of required steps from submission to approval for district purchase orders was decreased.
“We have received several comments from the secretaries about how the purchase order process with Skyward is easier and more efficient than under our previous software,” Ogborn said.

“I love the exports to Excel,” he added. “This is a tremendous step forward from the way I had to generate reports from our previous software.” The district’s record-keeping procedures were enhanced and Ogborn’s work duties simplified. Even the most basic business practices experienced immediate improvement.

“All in all, I dreaded changing financial systems because it is scary, it is time consuming and all procedures basically need to be redone,” Ogborn said. “In retrospect, I wish we would have switched to Skyward years ago. We are such a better organization with it than we were before.”


Ogborn described how the district became more efficient and experienced cost savings in support fees and supplies. Employees now have greater access to data when they need it and experience accelerated business operations.

“Skyward is rapidly evolving their products into better, more efficient products,” Ogborn said. “I am looking forward to what Skyward is doing and what they are coming out with next year, the next two years and the next five years.”
Mountain Home School District’s return on investment was measurable and sustained. The transition to a comprehensive, results-oriented technology solution for financial and human resources management increased office productivity and reduced district costs. 

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