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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (Sept. 22, 2016) – Skyward, an industry leading administrative software firm, announces its partnership with Wisconsin Counties Association Services, Inc. (WCA Services, Inc.). The partnership will offer Wisconsin counties greater exposure to Skyward’s Municipality Management Suite, an enterprise resource planning solution designed to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and streamline workflows.

WCA Services, Inc. currently provides its clients financial services, IT and cyber security, insurance, health care and employee benefits, along with personnel management and purchasing tools. Skyward’s partnership with the organization will deliver an added benefit to county governments by offering additional paperless service options.

“WCA Services, Inc. and Skyward came together with the common goal of providing a better solution for Wisconsin’s county government offices in managing their budgets, payroll and HR data,” said Kevin McFerrin, chief business development officer at Skyward. “Our partnership will add to WCA Services, Inc.’s current service offerings and deliver counties paperless options for managing their data, allowing them to work more efficiently.”

County offices throughout the state of Wisconsin work closely with WCA Services, Inc. Its partnership with Skyward is a three-year agreement, which will automatically renew for additional one-year periods thereafter.

“It is our mission to find programs, products and services that benefit all Wisconsin counties,” said Michael Lamont, director of programs and services at WCA Services, Inc. “When we form a partnership, we look for organizations that will provide value to our member counties. We’re very excited to be joining forces with such a great corporation based here in Wisconsin.”

“Counties are trying to be as efficient as possible, and they only have so many resources to allocate,” Lamont added. “This partnership will get Skyward’s software in front of counties to help them increase productivity, while reducing costs, and we are excited about our new endeavor.”

Skyward executives plan to grow the company’s cooperation with local governments through the partnership.

“Skyward has been working with Wisconsin counties and municipalities for more than 25 years,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward. “We feel that we can continue to expand our services to local governments with the assistance of WCA Services, Inc. to better support our municipal clients.”

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