Solutions that were built— never bought

Stitched-together software? Forget it. At Skyward, we're proud to say we build 100 percent of our school administration software solutions.

Sure, it takes more time and brainpower to create products from the ground up rather than purchasing and slapping our name on them. But it’s worth it, because it’s what our customers deserve.

A better user experience begins with a better built product. Here’s why.


The downsides of patchwork solutions

When providers create solutions by purchasing and piecing together pre-made modules, there’s no native integration or strategic vision behind them—even if providers claim they’re unified.

  • Disjointed user experience. Think multiple user interfaces, duplicated features, and potential connectivity complications.
  • Poor support. Acquisitions can cause providers to outgrow their ability to support customers. Plus, support personnel are tasked with backing acquired technology, which they may not understand as well.
  • Ticking clock. Providers often wind up sunsetting products.
  • Lower security. Because bolt-ons usually require their own database, they may create gaps in security.
  • Duplicated processes. Teachers and personnel have to log in and enter data into multiple systems. Even then, issues can arise when systems don’t “talk” to each other.


The upsides of integrated solutions

Products built by Skyward, for Skyward, offer a sense of unity you can’t get with stitched-together products—without sacrificing functionality.


  • Seamless solutions. That means fewer glitches and a better overall user experience.
  • Performance speed. A single database will lead to faster data transfers and faster performance.
  • Better short-term and long-term. Integrated systems are easier to implement and don't cost as much to maintain.
  • Supportive team. Our support personnel have a deep understanding of the technology we’ve developed in-house. Plus, you’ll have the chance to provide feedback (see below).
  • Easy integrations. Users can integrate Skyward with third-party solutions. Our team works with business partners to ensure their products can talk with our system.

With Skyward, users put on their own hard hat.
Even beyond building our products from the ground up, Skyward empowers users to help shape their own solution. Users can:
Monitor SIS


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Family-owned since 1980

Skyward has been owned by the same family since our start in 1980. We’ve grown a lot since then, but all through hard work—never by acquisition.

Case study: Plum City School District, Wisconsin

Learn how switching to Skyward simplified operations for this district by consolidating their student and business databases and integrating the products they use.

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“We had recently moved to a new campus and our information was everywhere. Every office had to have each student in hundreds of places. Skyward has brought all of that together, in one, making our lives much easier.”

Josiane Mikhael
American International School in Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia


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