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Erin Werra Erin Werra Blogger, Researcher, and Edvocate
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Erin Werra is a content writer and strategist at Skyward’s Advancing K12 blog. Her writing about K12 edtech, data, security, social-emotional learning, and leadership has appeared in THE Journal, District Administration, eSchool News, and more. She enjoys puzzling over details to make K12 edtech info accessible for all. Outside of edtech, she’s waxing poetic about motherhood, personality traits, and self-growth.

Erin Werra

AK12 logoRecent Articles by Erin Werra

Empathy: A New E for STEAM
Empathy is the secret to UX success and can be taught and practiced! Bonus: Behavior improvement and soft skills galore by Erin Werra
Why Are We So Worried About AI in Schools?
AI can’t be avoided—and the good news is, it’s not all that novel. Let’s explore the pros and cons of embracing AI in schools. by Erin Werra
Your Video Guide to Edtech ROI, Vol. 2
What kind of data can you use to make a solid decision about your next edtech purchase?Let's explore five types of data. by Erin Werra
Trick Kids into Learning: 3 Strategies for Student Agency
How do we shift student attitudes toward their education from obligation to privilege? by Erin Werra
Your Video Guide to Measuring Edtech ROI
Set the stage to measure the return on investment for pricey edtech. Learn how in this video. by Erin Werra
Changing Your School Brand and Other Misfortunes
Rebranding always feels like an uphill battle. A few strategies can help the process along. by Erin Werra
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Skyward InsiderRecent Articles by Erin Werra

Automate Attendance Letters and Keep Kids Learning
Follow this three-step process to help reduce absenteeism this school year. by Erin Werra
7 Remote Learning Wins We’re Taking into 2023
What comes to mind when you think of remote learning? Stress, exhaustion, kids falling behind? While all of these memories could not be more true, remote learning also had its share of positives. Some of them were so good, in fact, they’ll be sticking around in 2023! Can you guess which ones? by Erin Werra
A New Year’s Resolution: Store Business Data Securely Offsite
Are you still storing your data onsite? Make a resolution to change that this year. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and keep your data safer!  by Erin Werra
Budget Better in Qmlativ: Automate Your Payroll Encumbrances
Are you forecasting payroll encumbrances manually? Hand it over to Skyward!  by Erin Werra
One-Page Pitch: Automate Late Passes with a Tardy Kiosk
What if students arriving late to school could simply print a pass and head to class—no office staff intervention required?  by Erin Werra
Here to Stay: 9 Changes COVID Inspired in Schools
Though much of life will return to normal, some changes in schools are here to stay.   by Erin Werra
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